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Secure, reliable cross-platform development for enterprise teams.

Take on mobile projects with peace of mind, knowing the native features, security, and performance you need will just work - now and in the future.

powering incredible apps & dev teams

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Truly Native, Truly Web

Cross-platform native apps. Powered by the Web.

Build cross-platform mobile, desktop, and web apps with one codebase, using standard web technologies.

  • One codebase, any platform.

    Target native mobile and web, from the same codebase. Build once and deploy across iOS, Android, desktop, and the web as a Progressive Web App

  • Web-powered native apps

    Create native apps with standard web technologies. Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build native-powered mobile apps.

  • Past, present, and future apps

    Bring your existing web projects to mobile. Convert your existing web projects to mobile apps using your favorite web frameworks and UI libraries.

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Ship cross-platform mobile apps 10X faster. We wrote a free guide on when and why to use Capacitor to build cross-platform apps.

Capacitor approach

Build modern native apps without ever leaving the Web.

Traditional Native app architecture

Native app experiences and functionality managed on a per application/platform basis.

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Traditional native approach

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    Separate codebase for each mobile platform

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    Specialized languages and dev environments

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    No ability to target web sites, web apps or PWAs

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    No web libraries, web UI components, or CSS styling

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    Access native functionality per each platform

Web Native app architecture

Core native device APIs and experiences shared across multiple applications and platforms.

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Capacitor Web Native approach

  • One codebase for iOS, Android, and web (PWA)

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    Build with web standards: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

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    Target the native app stores or desktop and mobile web

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    Use familiar web frameworks, UI libraries, and tooling

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    Access the same native functionality and APIs

Supported plugin Library

Native plugins & APIs you can rely on.

Native features maintained by our team of experts. Active subscribers get ongoing updates to supporte plugins, to keep pace with mobile OS and API changes, and evolving device standards.

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Enterprise-Grade Protection

Front-to back app security and trust.

Deliver the best possible frontend security to protect users and data, with plug-and-play security solutions like Identity Vault, Auth Connect, and Offline Storage.

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Mission-critical support

Guaranteed response SLAs throughout the app lifecycle. Our professional support team is on-hand to help you troubleshoot and address issues occuring at the native layer.

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Expert native guidance

Our team of experienced development experts will work with your teams to define a native strategy that fits your unique goals and challenges. We’re here to help ensure your success.

Key Features

Everything you need. Build native-powered apps with ease.

A full library of native plugins, actively maintained. Includes the most commonly accessed native features used in enterprise app development, plus custom development options to address any native device requirements.

  • Common Device Features

    Everything you need to deliver the core functionality your users expect, from essentials like camera and geolocation, to payments and splash screen.

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    Guaranteed SLA

    Timely support and troubleshooting when you need it most. Get expert help directly from the Ionic team with guaranteed response times.

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    Regular Release Cycles

    A release timeline you can count on, as opposed to a community maintainers schedule. Think days instead of months or years.

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    Critical Security Updates & Fixes

    Keep your users protected with ongoing security updates and fixes that keep pace with OS releases, patches, and known vulnerabilities.

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    Guidance & Expertise

    Ensure your team is utilizing best practices when adding native functionality, helping you to meet your deadlines while avoiding costly tech debt.

Compare editions

Capacitor Open Source vs. Capacitor Enterprise.

Capacitor OSS helps developers ship cross-platform Web Native apps with JavaScript and the Web.

Capacitor Enterprise addresses the complexities of multi-team and multi-app native deployments, functionality, permissions, and security.

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