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Local Notifications




import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';
const { LocalNotifications } = Plugins;

const notifs = await LocalNotifications.schedule({
  notifications: [
      title: "Title",
      body: "Body",
      id: 1,
      schedule: { at: new Date( + 1000 * 5) },
      sound: null,
      attachments: null,
      actionTypeId: "",
      extra: null
console.log('scheduled notifications', notifs);

Local Notifications configuration (Android only)

The local notification plugin allows the following configuration values to be added in capacitor.config.json for the Android platform:

  • smallIcon: It allows you to set the default icon for the local notification.
  • iconColor: It allows you to set the default color for the local notification icon.
  • sound: It allows you to set the default notification sound. On Android 26+ it sets the default channel sound and can't be changed unless the app is uninstalled.
 "plugins": {
    "LocalNotifications": {
      "smallIcon": "ic_stat_icon_config_sample",
      "iconColor": "#488AFF",
      "sound": "beep.wav"